Financial Analyses

Financial Projections

Our expertise in the financial sphere can provide you with the predictions for 12 months, 3 years, and 5 years for your business

The process in which potential revenues and expenses are forecasted is referred to as financial projections. The course enables the identification of external and inner dynamics impacting the financial standing of a firm in current and future settings.

Financial projections are an indispensable part of any business plan. However, to reach the most precise financial projections is quite a challenging and formidable task, which requires astute observations and skills. In any business plan, financial planning is a key constituent. Yet as a business owner, it is compulsory for B Plan Inc. to provide you with a solid financial grip.

At B Plan Inc. we make sure that your aims into specific objectives are translated. Besides, any forthcoming complications that could occur are predicted and offering controlling tools and important feedback.

Drafting a business strategy is vital in any business plan, yet it is incomplete without the figures validating it. Our working approach is centered on market research or feasibility studies for backing the figures, working alternatively with the founders of supplying crucial information allowing us to project accurate figures.

More often than not, entrepreneurs get confused in accounting vs projections because there are great similarities between both of them. The reason is that profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow are all included in financial projections. Unlike the financial projections that look ahead in time, accounting looks backward in time. Therefore, business planning or forecasting is looking ahead in time.

B Plan Inc. Financial Reporting would include:

1. Requirements of Funding
2. Start-Up Cost Allocation
3. Revenue Model/Sales Forecast
4. Projected Profit & Loss Statement
5. Projected Cash Flows
6. Projected Balance Sheet
7. Personnel Planning/ Contracts & Salaries
8. Break-Even Analysis

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