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Businesses require copy for every certain thing ranging from a website’s landing page that drives sales, to the articles and blog posts through which consumers are engaged on social media.

What have you done for this purpose? Hiring a copywriter for a full-time or freelancing writer demands commitment, time, and cost.

Here comes B Plan Inc. for providing you with quality content from our network of authorised and expert writers, easily and quickly. We will find an ideal writer that is suitable and matches your provided brief. Our service of copywriting will further include formatting, proofreading, and most essentially timely delivery.

Website Copywriting

Website copywriting can either break or make your website. Being mistaken can lead to losing clients, yet getting it tailored correctly can lead to more sales and sign-ups. If you are in search of copywriting service, then reach us by just an email or a call.

B Plan Inc. will be contented to answer your queries and guide you throughout the course as we are experts in creating splendid content for you.

We Provide

• Exclusively personalised site content
•Including keywords as per the requirement
•Content aligned to your business targets
•Covering all niches
•Adopting the same tone throughout the website

Product Description Writing

Our platform is the right choice for you if you are in search of product descriptions that can drive sales.

B Plan Inc.’s writing service on product details promises to be on point, tailored seamlessly in meeting the tone of your website, most crucially, increase your business sales on a considerable scale

The writing service of product details comprises informative and attractive headlines, yet copy being driven to sales, we are here for you to provide all the things you need for selling products. The recipe we use for you in attaining targets is comprehensive research linked with creative talent and in-depth SEO understanding.

Article Writing

Are you in search of quality and well-written articles? At B Plan Inc. we have a team of expert writers and content specialists who can provide you with an incomparable article writing service. On any subject matter, simply enter the requirements and we will find the relevant writer for you. The process is extraordinarily quick with articles to be completed within a minimal time.

Social Media Copywriting

For business success social media is crucial and there is no escape from it. If you cannot stomach the idea of spending time on social media, you must show your active presence on them.

With a wide range of social media platforms, it can be challenging and tough for creating a collective strategy of social media. Do you have time for updating all social media platforms from sending tweets, posting on Facebook, and creating alluring boards and pins on Pinterest?

At B Plan Inc. we have a complete solution for this problem. By agreeing on a certain schedule, we will ensure that you are in touch with valuable fans of social media.

We will provide you with a tailored plan, whether you wish to get a tweet or multiple posts for Facebook. Our service will cater to all your needs. So do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a social media copywriting service.

CV Writing

It is generally not easy to have effective CV writing help. B plan Inc. is a truly professionalised service providing agency of copywriting and CV writing with the integration of years’ exposure in providing CVs to be free from plagiarism and delivered at high quality as per your experiences and needs. Specialisation in CV writing is B plan Inc technique–where tailoring your CV could be difficult at times to make it as per the level of required employment. Let B plan Inc.’ specialised CV writers assist you in crafting personalised CVs and making you noticeable in the job market.


Blogging is the key to bringing traffic to your website and grabbing the attention of your audience. We do aware of the fact that it not that easy task to figure out what to blog and find the time from your busy schedule to do it.

At B Plan Inc. we write the content of blogs regularly for extensive series of various niches ranging from online innovation to online marketing. When it comes to enlightening, inspiring, entertaining and SEO-friendly blogs, we take pride in it as we have expertise in creating such sort of content. As a result of this expertise, the site visitors adore and search engines find it tempting

In case you are in search of an expert and reliable blogging service, just contact us right away? We will feel pleased in speaking to you through our service of article writing and explaining the importance of blogs for every site.

Email Copywriting

Like our other copywriting services, we have in-depth expertise in email copywriting as well. Therefore, if you are looking for enticing headlines to grab the attention of the audience, increasing rates of open and click-through, creating wildly effective sequences and gaining a stronger understanding of email marketing, B Plan Inc. would be an optimal choice for you.

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