Additional Services

B Plan Inc. wide service range is not just restricted to copywriting, CV writing, social media services, business plan writing, and financial analysis. Yet we have more for you, concentrating on the needs and challenges that you may face. We aim to assist you by providing some additional services as well. Our additional services comprise brochure design and writing, and logo designing.

Brochure Design and Writing

Investing your money in brochure designing and writing may sound not to be a priority in the online web-centric world. If that is what you feel, we would ask you respectfully to re-think.

A creative, impactful, and professional brochure contributes to the client’s first impression, building reputation and enhancing your services and company profile. Of course, the brochure designing realm is all about new ideas.

B Plan Inc. offers you a one roof platform for brochure designing as well as writing service to help in closing more sales and generating inquiries. We are proficient in printing high-end brochures and brochure writing to make your brand interactive in the market. We go the extra mile by creating tailored and inspiring layouts and illustrations.

Logo Designing

At B Plan Inc we aim to create identity by making alluring logos for your brand.

The procedure of designing a logo is hard and defines a brand completely: every logo is designed with a unique style adopted by the designer. At B Plan Inc. our logo designers take time to study, analyse and understand brand target audience, goals, and story.

The designing of the logo begins from identifying clients’ requirements and idea propositioning. In the logo designing phase, brands requirements and goals assist our specialised designers in using brainstorming and mind mapping tactics for further exploring directions and ideas for your brand’s logo..

We utilise time in creating customised logos that can give you an instantly noticeable look, sense of credibility, and professionalism. A well-constructed logo can bring a boundless favourable impression on your customers in trust creation. Our logo designing specialist will also guide you in the entire logo designing journey and make you truly proud.

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