Visa Purpose

No wonder, the world has become globalised due to which the demand for visa that allow people to conduct business in other areas of the word has astronomically increased. Just for the business visas of the UK, USA and Canada, more than tens of thousands of entrepreneurs apply every year,however acquiring one is a cumbersome task. After giving too much time and energy as well as squandering considerable amount of money you might end up getting refusal on your visa application. Whilst there are numerous reasons that lead to visa refusal, a business plan that is eloquent and written in sharp-witted manner can greatly entice the attention of visa officials and exhibit them what they want to see, which is, at all times, a paramount element of any successful visa application.

Here at B Plan Inc., we have a team highly professional business plan writers who have worked on hundreds of business plans. We have worked with various entrepreneurs around the globe and provided impressive quality business plans in support of their visa application. Moreover, we, with the production of vigorous business plans for UK, US and Canadian business visas, have assisted many immigration attorneys and their clients, such as foreign workers, manager and business owners to name a few. Our team of business plan experts help clients to ensure the viability of their business and materialize their vision in a business plan and eventually in a real ground.

UK Start-up Visa Business Plan

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur in the early stage of your business and consider the UK having the great potential to establish your business first time, the start-up visa category is an optimal choice for you.

As the UK start-up visa is highly demanded and considered an impressive route to entry in the UK for business purpose, the nature of this visa is competitive and the process is suffused with various uncertainties due to new rules and regulations.

No start-up visa application can be approved without having a robust business plan based on the Home Office criteria of Innovation, Viability and Scalability. Satisfying these aforementioned criteria is a formidable task, which requires profound experience and expertise. Therefore, to increase the chances of getting an endorsement, and eventually the UK Visa, it is imperative that you lean on our professional service of business plan. Our panel of experts can also advice you that which of the endorsement body would be best choice for you and your business idea.

UK Innovator Visa Business Plan

If you are an experience business profession having a desire to establish an innovative business in the UK, the Innovator Visa category would be the best choice for you.

At B Plan Inc., we have invested considerable amount of time and efforts into comprehending new scheme of innovator visa, which allow us to lead the process of your visa application to the successful completion on getting endorsement and then visa. Our team of business plan experts can help you to transform your business idea and vision into a visa-compliant business plan.

UK Expansion Worker Visa

Looking for setting up a branch of an overseas business, UK Expansion Worker visa is considered the easiest way for you. This visa does not only allow businesses to set up branches or subsidiaries in the UK and acquire gateway of cost effective and profitable new markets, but it also provides the route for British citizenship to business executives with their families. In the UK Expansion Worker visa, the business plan is an imperative component, which is examined by the Home Office. Therefore, the authenticity and genuineness to your visa application are greatly build on by it.

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