Research Base

When it comes to designing a business plan, research is what provides basis and support to writing and eventually to business operations. The element of research enhances the value and makes business writing strong at the same time. At B Plan Inc., our experts are proficient in having a strong research base before proceeding with your requirements and key guidelines. Thereby, for a strong research base, we ensure that key areas including research, analysis, preparing studies and reports, providing ideas, and identifying gaps all are touched by our specialists.

Our research base services include:

Market Research and Analysis

Market analysis expedites the procedure of examining industry, market, niche, or sector, whilst research is examining a specialised area, customers, audience, viability, components, and strategy of a business.

Making strategic decisions for selling innovative services and products, existing research can be considered irrelevant. Hence, this requires the marketers to rethink the notion of positioning, marketing mix, and segmentation before entering a particular industry with innovative ideas.

At B Plan Inc., with leading solutions, we carry out in-depth research on your businesses for obtaining and translating meaningful understandings to give you a competitive edge. With maximal efforts and insights, we offer profound consumer research-based solutions.

Industry Analysis

Industry analysis depicts a certain branch of service, manufacturing, or trade. Understanding the industry within which business is functioning, underlines and provides a structure that enables further analysing company itself. The analysis is vital for decisions, planning, and driving main operational tasks for every organisation.

At B Plan Inc., the service of industry analysis allows you to comprehend the competitive dynamics of an industry by our specialised industry analysts and effective assessment tools. As a result of industry analysis conducted by us, you can develop a rich and clear understanding of supply, competition, financial returns, demand, customers, marketing campaigns, value proposition and create a distinctive customer experience.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study identifies your success based on the offerings in the market. The idea of the study also identifies key markets, competition, developments, and analysis for evaluating your business idea. No matter whether a study outcomes are negative or positive, with feasibility reports and research, crucial, strategic, and successful business areas are explicitly understood.

B Plan Inc.’s feasibility study concentrates on measuring the probability of failure and success of your business. Our experts dive into financial viability, operations, HR, market scope, and business components of your company to develop a potential structure. With the structure and analysis of the feasibility study, we aim to map the businesses of our clients. Our specialist focuses on the factors that are key in setting up a firm in relation to investments, outputs, inputs, equity or debt, market viability, the structure of human resources, and operational matters.

Business Ideation & Gap Analysis

If you desire to begin with a new enterprise, you will surely need to focus and spend time on developing a unique idea out of the box. On the other hand, gap analysis determines how strategic business objectives can be achieved.

Research and Review! The more details you acquire on the market, competitors, and their customers, the greater chances you have to be prosperous. Thereby, B Plan Inc. is at your service in generating ideas for your business and identifying the present gaps. Our business experts evaluate your needs and specialised areas to formulate a unique and innovative idea that is profitable for you. Besides, for gap analysis, we compare your present state with the absolute and desired state, by emphasising the opportunities and shortcomings.

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